Crazy cheap Las Vegas Escorts

If you find yourself in Sin City or planning a visit to Las Vegas soon.  Then be sure to check out some of the crazy cheap Las Vegas Escorts, these girls fly in from all over the world to provide companionship to wealthy business men seeking some company or entertainment.  We sent our experts down to see just how crazy and cheap these girls where.

Once we landed in Mccarran international airport we set our sights our for some sexy call girls as they call them in some places.  Escorts are not to be thought of as Hookers or Prostitutes because they are legal.  Their goal is to provide live strip shows, sex toy shows, massages and rub downs or even take a shower with you.  Some clients also hire the female models as dates to events or conventions in town.

We started off walking down the Vegas strip, now you are handed tons of cards featuring half naked or even naked girls with prices.  They promise all sorts of things from $49 to $300 for an hours of company.  Now lets all be honest, we know some things are to good to be true.  So we tried calling a few, only to see most of the time it was not the right price or just the fee for the girl to show up.  This lead us to looking online to hire private Las Vegas Strippers, for some fully nude dances in our hotel room.  They say some of these Strippers fly in from all over the country for the big bucks Vegas offers.  Working at some of the best Las Vegas strip clubs during the day, and working as private adult entertainers at night.  Once the girls showed up, we started the party with drinking and playing stripper games like ring toss.  That went over very well, the girls where fantastic and the price was the price, of course with a few small tips here and there for dances.

Next we looked into calling a Las Vegas Escort agency to hire some female escorts.  We looked at a few sites, and chose to call up RideWorks.  They where very nice and even sent over two beautiful girls for a discount.  After the girls showed up, me and my friends had no idea where to begin.  So the girls got fully naked, and started to give us massages.  That lead to one thing and another, and lets just say we all had a fantastic time in Sin City.  Plus the escorts where not as much as one would think, maybe a few hundred bucks per girl when it was all said and done.  Plus Strippers are ok, but escorts are so much better! Five Stars for RIDEWORKS!!!